Bringing Balance into your life with Massage Treatments

**Make your Health a priority and sign up for a series of massage, lymphatic treatments, craniosacral treatments, Reiki. or facials.**

Save money by signing up for a series of 6, 12 or 18 sessions.

Please call us for more details.

Suited to each individual, the powerful healing of touch is applied using the desired amount of pressure to relieve stress and promote ultimate relaxation.
30 Minutes: $40.00
60 Minutes: $65.00
90 Minutes: $90.00

A technique used to apply essential oils up the spine and to be gently massaged into the back followed by an application of warm towels. Stimulating the immune system to arrest colds, flu, general stress, headaches, and backaches.
60 Minutes: $85.00.

Pressure points found on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet are used to stimulate circulation and encourage the release of toxins, aiding the body to heal itself.
30 Minutes: Hands or Feet $30.00
Add Paraffin Hot Bath Therapy: $10.00
60 Minutes: Hands and Feet: $50.00
Add Paraffin Hot
Bath Therapy: $20.00

The thermal conduction of the warm stones is used to bring systematic changes to the body and influences the energy centers for body and mind balancing.
45 Minutes: $65.00
75 Minutes: $100.00

“Universal Life Energy” is used to ease the effects of chronic illness, relieve body fatigue, or simply clear the mind from emotional stress.
60 Minutes: $60.00


Create your own heaven by choosing the services and the amount of time you would like spent on each service. Or share your package with a friend.  Your package options include massage, facial, and body treaments, ear candling and waxing, as well as sauna and hyrotherapy use.

120 min:  $115.00

Add $35.00 for Facial Rejuvenation


Therapeutic massage emphasizing the removal of toxins that weighs down your immune system. Lymphatic drainage helps to open your systems fluid flow. When the toxins are eliminated you will boost your immune system and actually see the twinkle return to your eyes.

Face: Naturally 
reduces wrinkles and puffiness & can relieve acne & eczema.
Upper body:
Has reduced the symptoms of chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Possible regeneration of tissue (burns and surgical scarring)
Lower Body: May a
lleviate adiposis and cellulite tissue, and also reduce edemas.

Approximately 60 Min: $75.00
Inquire about a series of treatments

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